Your Source for Formed Metal Tubes and Tubular Assemblies

Since 1976, RAM Fabricating LLC has met the unique and diverse fabricated metal tubing and tubular assemblies needs of its customers.  RAM has developed the knowledge, experience, and skills through the constant application of FEMA, brainstorming and process improvment to meet the requirements of both low and high volume applications. Our skills have enabled RAM to bend, form and braze tube sizes ranging from a .072 outside diameter copper capillary tube to 3.125 outside diameter tubing.  RAM is able to fabricate your aluminum, brass, carbon steel, copper and stainless steel tubing requirements. 

RAM Tooling

RAM analyzes a customerís requirements and specifications, and then tailors equipment and schedules for optimum results.

RAM designs, builds, and maintains custom tooling capable of manufacturing unique tubular parts at high volumes with superior quality.

RAM assures that the tooling used to produce the end product meets the customers requirements through the use of Statistical Process Control.

RAM Quality

RAM is compliant with ISO/QS 9000 and is pursuing ISO 2000 certification by March 2004.  The RAM Quality Assurance Program focuses on ensuring the superior quality of production runs, regardless of quantity. Statistical methods ensure that manufacturing processes have the capability of producing parts to a minimum Cpk of 1.33. Statistical Process Control is applied to confirm that manufacturing processes are always in compliance.  Employees are dedicated to producing a quality product while they striving for continuous improvement daily. This in-depth commitment to quality and continuous improvement assures adherence to the most rigorous customer specifications.

All new projects are subjected to the Automobile Industry Action Group (AIAG) methods of reporting the process performance prior to production.